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    The Obalon Balloon System assists with weight loss by taking up space so that you eat smaller amounts of food. This, along with diet and exercise, jump-starts your efforts, proving that when it comes to losing weight, less is truly more.

Learn About The Obalon Weight Loss System

The FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA-approved balloon system for weight loss.

  • Non-Surgical
  • Fully Reversible
  • No anesthesia during placement
  • Each Balloon placed in 10 min
  • Proven Safety Profile
  • Progressive Weight Loss with three Balloons

The Obalon Balloon System helps facilitate weight loss by taking up space in your stomach so you eat less. Three balloons are placed for a six month non-surgical treatment, combined with a professionally supervised nutrition and exercise program for optimal weight loss.

Proven Weight Loss

Patients with the Obalon Balloon System and diet & exercise lost approximately twice as much weight as those with diet and exercise alone.

Jump Starts Long-Term Results

The Obalon Balloon System helps jump start your weight loss journey.


Less than 1% of adverse events were severe or serious in nature. See Safety Information.


First and only swallowable, lightweight balloon.


Less expensive than weight loss surgery.


Each balloon placement takes less than 10 minutes.

Find Out How it Works

Obalon is your partner on the journey to jump-start a healthy lifestyle.
If you have the will, but not the way.

Why Obalon?

When used in combination with a professionally managed nutrition and exercise program, patients lost twice as much weight as with diet and exercise alone.

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